Scrunchie collage

No, I’m not messing with you. The scrunchie is back. While I quickly re-embrace some resurfacing trends (I wouldn’t hate if hot rollered hair was back in, just sayin’), I did softly gasp when I read about the return of the scrunchie.

Now, I loved the scrunchie as much as anyone. Probably more than many. I even had one that was my absolute favorite (dark green silk) and totally mourned its loss once the elastic gave. I could never find another that lived up to its awesomeness and tried my hand at sewing in an attempt to reincarnate my beloved scrunchie. The DIY scrunchie was a DIsaster and the fad fell by the wayside soon enough anyway.

So why do I not feel overjoyed to see that these guys are back on the scene? Maybe because they are so very 80s that it just seems completely wrong. But take a look at @scrunchiesofinstagram and it brings you straight to the now of scrunchiedom, plus some pretty great throwbacks.

Basically, to pull off this accessory these days, without looking like you are headed to a Jazzercise class circa 1986, think messy hair pulled up high. Try half up or a pony at the crown.

What do you think? Are you gonna scrunchie?

Liz Thompson