The Grey Job

Trends get crazier all the time. One of the most shocking (at least to me) is the dyed grey hair trend going on right now. Shocking because I know many women who spend countless hours (not to mention dollars) keeping their strands grey-free.

Is this purposeful grey trend liberating or a slap in the face to those who’ve been combatting this situation for years?

My own Mom went grey at a young age and dyed her hair for many years. After losing her hair during her first round with breast cancer, she decided to forgo the dye job and leave her hair beautifully grey. But she was 66 at the time.

What about those women who are in their 40’s or even 30’s? I totally get why they are not ready to quit coloring.

A very close friend of mine is totally grey and colors on a regular basis. Very regular, like every 3 weeks. Not only is this time and cost consuming, but she is concerned about putting these harmful chemicals on her hair and scalp so often.

What do you think? Are you grey and covering it? Or going natch? Or have you hopped on the grey dye job bandwagon?

Pics via Pinterest

Liz Thompson