It’s crazy how many brand owners want one thing but do another when it comes to copy. You can’t imagine how often I get customer inquiries who want to hire me as a copywriter because of the way I write here or want to craft a new brand voice. But then after they receive my first draft, edit it down to sound … well … a lot like the copy they already have.

What happens? Why do so many people stick with copy that’s not working?

It takes courage to publish something different, never been done, uncommon, and totally YOU!

It all boils down to taking the leap. Yep, writing copy may not seem very exciting, but it takes courage to publish something different, never been done, uncommon, and totally YOU!

This is what I think goes through most brand owners’ brains when they see new copy. Will my readers like it? Will they think it’s too much? Will I alienate people?

Here’s the deal. If your copy makes your dream customer turn away, you have not crafted your true voice. It’s off somewhere and you need to go back to the drawing board. If you alienate other people, those who are NOT your dream customers, it may sting a little but it’s the goal. You read that right, your copy should be working to attract those who will love your products and buy from you. Not attempting to persuade those who won’t.

And therein lies the difference, right? Doesn’t the above paragraph shed a whole new light on how you write your content?

This is the 1 Reason Your Copy Isn't Working (and 2 Ways to Fix It!)

2 Ways to Fix Your Copy Fast

1. Picture Your DC: The first step in writing copy in your brand voice is to imagine the person you are talking to. Your dream customer! Dream them up in your head and write to them and only them. When those little thoughts of but this type of person won’t get that or that type of person will think this is weird pop into your head, remember this – you are not talking to this or that person. You are talking to your DC (aka, Your Dream Customer!). Keep this precious soul in mind whenever and whatever you write.

2. Be Bold: Now that you have your DC all dreamed up and have crafted your true brand voice, it’s time to be bold. When I say this, I don’t mean you have to sound overly confident or falsely exuberant. I mean have the courage to write copy in your brand voice. Your own, true, one-of-a-kind voice. Say what you mean and stay honest. This is what will attract your DC, make them want to share with others who will love you, and keep them coming back.

Try this exercise…

Here’s a little exercise I’d love for you to try. Write something up today. A blog post, an email newsletter, a social media caption. There is always something that needs written. Choose one of those things. Now, write this thing up using your true brand voice and do this … write it like no one is every going to read it. Next, publish that sucker. Pop it onto your IG feed, put it up on your blog, send it out in a newsletter (after making sure you don’t have typos or misspellings, obvi), then sit back and see what happens.

Were you shunned? Blocked? Unsubscribed? Bet not. But even if you were, those people were not your DC. Think of it as weeding out those who you are not writing to and making room for those who need to see what you are creating!

Liz Thompson