4 Beauty Tips You Absolutely Have to Know

4 Beauty Tips You Absolutely Have to Know

I’ve always loved beauty products. From playing in my Mom’s makeup, to putting together my own style, to writing about it today…I’m into it. But when you write about eyeshadow colors for the season, and how to use highlighter, and stuff like that day in and day out, you can get in a rut. Like, […] Read more…

Caras Brows OBS

Reconstructed :: Cara D-Style Brows

Bold brows are still on trend for 2015. Still avoiding doing something about it? I know I am. For years I plucked and waxed to perfection. Even taking on the task myself after constant disappointment over professional brow shaping. I have this brow thing down. But last year brows went and got all thick and […] Read more…