Spring Fever, Pretty Stuff + a Giveaway

While spring may not be here quite yet, it is starting to feel like it’s peeking around the corner. I have the fever + can’t wait to add some spring-i-ness to my scene. Brighter colors for wardrobe, pretty makeup hues, floraly scents. C’mon Spring, we’re ready for ya!

So in the spirit of spring, here is what I’ve been writing about this week and last:

Want to smell yummy? Getcha some Tata Harper Love Potion. Cute name, cute bottle, beyond awesome smelling scent. And it’s all natural too! Gotta love the Love Potion. I wrote a full review at Feelgood Style about this too good stuff.

In sticking with the Spring Cleaning event theme at Crafting a Green World, I kicked the week off at FGS with product expiration and knowing when to chuck stuff. Do you even think about expired products? Many of us don’t, but natural products aren’t designed to have that turbo shelf life of synthetic loaded junk. So…read up on when to get rid o’ the old shiz in your beauty kit.

And, of course, I could not talk spring cleaning without covering my springtime makeup faves and the little items on my wishlist. Doesn’t the season just make you dream of bright pink lips, rosy cheeks, and lilacy lids? It sure as heck does me.

And lastly but not leastly, you have to get in on this ultra eco chic + healthy giveaway we are running at FGS. One lucky winner gets themself a bkr reusable glass water bottle. These are the prettiest reusable bottles you can find and this one comes in Cupcake. You are gonna love! Get yourself entered by tomorrow night and don’t forget to tell your friends!

I’m going to go play in my makeup drawer. Happy reading and spring break goodness to all of you lovelies.

*Image by Cas Cornelissen at Unsplash.com

Liz Thompson