Natural Aqhaphor Alternative

Cracked hands and heels. Dry or irritated face. Scaly skin. These issues happen year-round and aren’t limited to adults. How many times has your pediatrician recommended a petroleum-based product for your little one? Time to find out why you want a natural aquaphor alternative for your whole family.

A visit to the doctor or dermy for skin issues often results in a trip to the drugstore to pick up a tube of Aquaphor, Vaseline, or some similar petroleum jelly type product. Why is that? Because petroleum jelly works in the short term. It almost instantly makes skin feels softer and soothed, and helps to seal in moisture dry skin craves.

The problem is, petroleum jelly (petrolatum) often contains cancer causing contaminants. As a matter of fact, the European Union restricts the use of petrolatum in cosmetics and brands who use the ingredient must show proof of proper refinement processing.

Aside from that nasty news, petroleum jelly is occlusive, meaning it forms a barrier on the skin. In the moisturizer world, there are humectants, emollients, and occlusives. Humectants draw moisture from the air to the skin. Emollients are moisturizing ingredients that soak into the skin, filling dry cracks and areas.

Occlusive agents are meant to hold in moisture and prevent dryness. They usually feel greasy on the skin and can cause clogged pores and acne. Some natural ingredients are also occlusive (beeswax, mango butter, cocoa butter…) and work the same way as petroleum jelly, creating a water loss barrier on the skin only sans the carcinogenic contaminants. Due to the comedogenic nature of occlusives, it’s a good idea for those with oily or acne prone skin to use minimally.

So, occlusives aren’t all bad and definitely come in handy when trying to keep moisture in skin and protect against dryness and irritation from outside elements, like wind and cold.

If you are trying to eliminate harmful ingredients from your beauty and personal care routine but are having a hard time breaking up with your Aquaphor, here’s the good news. There are natural and organic Aquaphor alternative products that will treat your skin right and you’ll feel good about using.

Natural Aquaphor Alternative Products Better Than Petroleum Jelly

True Organic of Sweden All You Need Is Me

1. True Organic of Sweden All You Need is Me: Love the name, love the product. This is my top pick for natural replacements for Aquaphor. It looks and feels just like Aquaphor coming out of the tube, but once you rub it into skin…seems to absorb right in with no oil slick left behind. I use it religiously on my fingertips, cuticles, dry spots on face, and anywhere else that needs that feeling of moisture and protection.


2. Waxelene:  Called “The Petroleum Jelly Alternative”, this is the one to get if you are into using petroleum jelly straight up. It’s a simple four ingredient mix that comes in either a tube or jar. No icky stuff, just real deal moisture for ultra-parched skin.

3. Eu’Genia Dermatological Strength Shea Butter (Most Shea): Like I mentioned above, sometimes you need an occlusive. Grab a tin of this pure shea butter to use when you are about to hit the slopes, when skin can’t stand indoor heating a second longer, to soothe razor burn, calm a rash or irritation on baby’s skin, or use on chapped lips.

Are you a brand who creates a natural Aquaphor alternative? The rest of us would love to know about you! Please get in touch so I can share your good stuff with the world!

(Edited from original version to bring you up-to-date info.)

Liz Thompson