October Non GMO + BCA Month

Do you follow me on Feelgood Style? If not, you should be? Here’s why…

Here on OBS I cover, what I consider, fun stuff. What’s hot in organic beauty, new products and lines, seasonal, motivational…you get the picture. On FGS I get a little more science-y and newsy. It’s a good place to pick up indepth info on ingredients, new regulations in cosmetics, and the lowdown on how cosmetics and personal care products are made.

Since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness and Non GMO Month, here’s what I’ve been working on:

Cancer Causing Ingredients – What You Need to Know You know I’m all about prevention when it comes to BCA talk. Check out my list to find out which ingredients to watch out for and why.

Susan G Komen Partners with Fracking Company in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness Yes, unfortunately, you read the right. The breast cancer organization has teamed with big oil to offer pink drill bits and they are using BCA as the why. So much wrong with this it’s pitiful.

GMO Contamination + Cosmetics Think going organic makes your cosmetics exempt from GMOs? Think again. If you want to go deep on GMO cross contamination, I offer ways to help with that.

Happy reading!

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