Mahalo Skin Care Rare Indigo Beauty Balm

I haven’t done a product review in a while. The real deal? I seriously do not try out as many new products as I used to. My time is spent mostly writing copy for my brilliant clients and l’m doing far less blogging. Which means, far less product sampling.

That doesn’t mean I don’t try out new items. It does mean that what I do try is carefully selected by moi because I really, really want to try it. For example, Mahalo Rare Indigo Beauty Balm.

I’d seen the brand around but it was after watching Mahalo founder Maryna’s Instagram live for A Night For Green Beauty this past August that I decided I had to try some of her products. Maryna’s vivacious spirit made me stick around to watch more and learn more about her line.

Her products are super tempting, but since I don’t like to splurge big on beauty items until I’ve tried them out (sensitive skin) I bought some samples from Integrity Botanicals. And the Rare Indigo Beauty Balm … Oh, my gosh, a new favorite for sure!

Aside from being sensitive and prone to redness, my skin is also super dry. While I love a good balm, I tend to use them at night when I don’t mind being a bit greasier. But this beauty sinks into skin so well that I use it both day and night. It doesn’t leave skin feeling oily, but soft, smooth, and cushiony. And you only need the tiniest little dab.

I usually avoid anything too strong smelling because it often makes my skin irritated and sometimes gives me a headache. This balm does have a scent going on, but it quickly fades away and I don’t smell it at all during the day.

My skin loves this stuff! It evens out my skin tone and my skin looks so glowy and, dare I say, younger. I warm a small bit, about the size of lentil, between my fingertips and pat all over my face and neck. Then, after I let the balm set for a minute or so, I get out my trusty ReFa facial roller and make sure it’s spread around evenly and well absorbed.

I keep my hair away from my face for around 3-5 minutes to let the balm sink in well, then I’m off and running. I can’t wait to order the full size. A true keeper.

The other samples I bought were the Pele and Bean masks, and Vitality Elixir Facial Serum. My skin has been so well behaved with the balm that I haven’t even tried them out yet. Will keep you posted, though.

Liz Thompson