How to Write About Natural Immune Boosting Ingredients

Natural indie beauty brands know that the natural ingredients they use to create their products hold way more benefits than what they can transparently share with their audience. But due to FDA and FTC regulations on ad claims, they are limited as to what they can actually put in words without getting flagged.

It’s a murky and complex subject that I won’t get into in this post (head here to read about writing for compliance), but know that if a brand says an ingredient used in a cosmetic product or one of their beauty products alters your skin or health, they are most likely breaking FTC ad guidelines.

The truth is, there are natural ingredients that do things like calm the skin, soothe redness and irritation, tone down breakouts, calm a wired mind, and boost immunity. Even if authentic indie beauty brands aren’t able to say this directly.

Everyone is looking for immune boosters with the current pandemic situation. So, how do you tell your audience, as a natural beauty brand, which ingredients will support a healthy immune system without getting in trouble.

Here’s how to write about natural immune boosters and stay on the safe side:

-offers a feeling of protection
-lends a supportive sensation to mind and body
-provides a sense of natural defense
-gives a feeling of protection against environmental stressors
-offers a feeling of vitality/wellbeing/wellness

Avoid saying:

-supports health
-improves health
-protects against illness/microbes/viruses
-boosts the immune system
-keeps you well

Anytime you make claims that describe a product or ingredient as physically altering the skin or body, you absolutely must back it up with scientific proof. Personally, when I write for my clients, I err on the side of caution and never make these claims. You can talk all about how ingredients and products make the skin, body, mind, and spirit look and feel, though. So, go for it!

Be sure to tell your audience all about the wonderfully supportive naturals you use in your products. I know I’m on the lookout right now for anything that keeps me feeling my best and so are your customers.

If you have a question about writing for compliance or need help with your writing, hit me up.

Disclaimer: While I am experienced in writing copy for natural beauty websites and online stores that adheres to advertising guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), I will not be held liable for any investigations, court proceedings, or other legal matters involving copy I have written for Client.

Liz Thompson