How to Write a Killer Website Homepage

It’s an absolute necessity if you have a website for your business. Do you still have a generic website homepage? Time to get that baby sparkling like the rest of your brand! If you have no clue what info needs to be included, how much to share on the homepage, and how to get this thing done, this guide will help.

What type of information do you want on your homepage? Think of this page as the introduction to your brand. You want it to tell your customers who you are, that you understand their needs, and how you deliver what they want. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a sampling of what you offer too, just make sure it’s more than just a Buy button.

As for how long this page needs to be and how much info you should share. Too little info is lack luster and makes people want to exit fast. You know the ones I’m talking about. Lots of product pics and links but no real brand information to sink your teeth into. Too much content on a homepage can also be a letdown, making visitors feel overwhelmed right off the bat. If they have to read and read to get through the clutter to what they want to know, they probably aren’t going to stick around.

A cool trick to make DIY writing for your homepage a snap is to use a fill-in-the-blank model.

Think scannable content that offers a taste of everything your brand has to offer. A cool trick to make DIY writing for your homepage a snap is to use a fill-in-the-blank model. Simply insert the info into each section and voila you have yourself a homepage for your website that will tell your customers a bit about you and your brand, and let them know they are in the right place.

How to Write a Killer Website Homepage

A Fill-In-The-Blank Model for Writing Your Website Homepage

Okaaaay, let’s get this homepage party rolling! Start by creating an outline including the sections listed below. Then fill in those sections and guess what … you have yourself a fresh homepage that your visitors will love.

Your Offer: While you don’t want the first item on your homepage to be “Buy My Products!”, you do want to fill your visitors in right away on what it is you do and why it’s special. And this should all be delivered in a way that makes your ideal customers feel they’ve found exactly what they are looking for. In one or two sentences.

Stay with me. I know that sounds like a huge (if not impossible) task straight off, but I promise it’s easier than it sounds. You need to pull out your creativity hat, sit down with pen and paper, and get ready to do some word riffing.

A great place to start when writing your opener is with words your customers use. Do they tell you your products have made a huge improvement in their skin? Do they say that your site is the easiest to shop and has all the best products? Do they tell you they absolutely cannot wait to get your subscription box each month? This is gold! If they love it, new customers probably will too.

Write these things down and also steal a few tidbits from your brand voice guide. Now, start mashing them together and see where you end up. Don’t be afraid to write out several options. It could take several tries to get something you like. I’m a word nerd but I think you’ll see this is actually kinda fun.

Here’s an example for you. Say your brand voice guide determined your words are modern, spirited, cutting edge. And let’s say your customers often tell you that your product line makes their skin look gorgeous and they love all of the unique ingredients you use. Your homepage could start off with something like …

Beautify your skin and spirt. Intentionally crafted skincare to suit your modern life.

That’s my first try but you get the picture.

Who are YOU?: Yep, like when you wrote your about page, you need to show yourself off. This section couldn’t be easier. Simply take a paragraph from your about page, rework it slightly if you need to make it work for the homepage, and that’s it. This section, done.

Dig (a little) Deeper: Now it’s time to share more about your brand. In one or two short paragraphs, this is the spot to deliver more in-depth information on what your business is all about. Be sure to describe your brand in a way that not only fills potential customers in on what you offer but does so in a way that answers their questions. You already know all about your business. They don’t. Here is where you solve their problems.

You want to tell them not just what you sell, but why it makes a difference. Do you have an online chat that makes it easy for them to ask questions? Do you offer skincare tips or skin type selections? Maybe you personally try every single product in your store. Let them know.

Give It Away: Of course, you are in the business of selling and it’s ok to do this on your homepage. Be sure, though, that it offers your visitors something of value. You know that your products are valuable and will change their lives. But they don’t know this yet. Maybe lead them to a blog post to help them discover how to select products for their skin and this post could lead to product pages.

Sure, if you own an online shop your homepage will likely look different than if you are a beauty creator. And that’s OK! A shop homepage will feature products, just make sure they are highly curated or somehow fit into a theme (seasonal, new, for a specific skin issue…) rather than simply displaying loads of random products and links to the purchase page.

Give Them Options: Always keep in mind that there is a next step. What do you want your customer to do after reading each section? If they are reading a bio snippet, send them to your about page to learn more. Introducing your ingredient commitment? Lead them to a page that talks more about how you source your ingredients and stuff that never goes into your products. Have a tip on choosing the perfect foundation or sunscreen? Send them to the blog post (which, of course, leads to your fine products). And don’t forget to show them how to join your list and follow you on social media.

That’s it! This is a long post but divvying it up into sections truly does simplify the process to writing your best homepage ever.

If you use my fill-in-the-blank model to write your website homepage, let me know by dropping a link to it in the comments. I’d love to see!

Need help coming up with your homepage or other content? I can help with that!

Liz Thompson