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This summer we’ve talked a lot about finding the right skincare for YOU. Your skin type, your issues and desires, what is important to you and works for your skin. If you didn’t see it, last week I posted a worksheet to really narrow things down. Fill in those blanks and you have your own personal skincare recipe.

Now you may be wondering … How do I make the switch?

There are several ways to go when first switching to nontoxic products. Sure, you could throw out everything that contains nasty ingredients and make a fresh start all at once. I would advise against this mode, as it can be pretty expensive and time consuming. The best way is to choose where you’d like to begin and go, gradually, from there.

Most exposure Switching out products that offer the most exposure to toxic ingredients is a great place to start. Items like facial serums and moisturizers, makeup, and body lotions (products that sit on the skin all day). This will immediately decrease your daily exposure to toxic ingredients.

Easiest substitutions Certain products are easier to swap out than others. Facial cleansers are pretty straight across the board and simple to replace. Same goes for body wash, make up remover, and toner. This type of product is also on the less expensive end of the skin care spectrum, making them a feasible place to begin.

What can’t you live without? Most of us are fairly attached to our moisturizers, for example, and may even use several – one for daytime, one for nighttime, one for winter, another for summer. You may have to experiment in this area, but as long as you follow the product specs and guidelines it should not be a difficult transition. Choose for your skin type and check labels to see if there are any ingredients that may irritate your skin. Certain skin types are sensitive to particular essential oils, but usually if a product is labeled “Sensitive” it will be safe for finicky skin.

Another rule of thumb – once you find a product that you love try other products from the same brand. Many online retailers offer samples with purchase or trial sizes at an affordable price. Some even have estheticians ready to answer your questions. Read product/brand descriptions thoroughly and if you have further questions contact customer service. Or ask me. I have tried most brands on the sites I love to shop and would be happy to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

*Image by Matthew Wiebe at, cc

Liz Thompson