Collaborating with other professionals on your business (you know, the one you built from scratch and put your heart and soul into every single day!) can be daunting. Will they relate to you? Align with your vision? Have the know how to deliver what you want?

When you choose a photographer to snap your new headshot, you don’t want someone who makes you uncomfortable or whose pics you don’t like, right? And there’s no way you’d hire a biz coach that doesn’t seem to get where you are coming from, is there?

Same goes for hiring a freelance copywriter. Read on for a few tips on figuring out if a copywriter is right for you before signing on the dotted line.

9 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Perfect Freelance Copywriter for Your Biz

Freelance Copywriter

1. Do they know your niche?

There are some amazing CWs out there who have the ability to write on a super wide range of products and businesses. But if you have a super niche brand, hiring a super niche copywriter is one way to know your CW is well versed in your industry. For example, I know about FDA compliance regulations (something every beauty biz owner needs to be up to snuff on or hire a writer who is) and have a 13 year background in green beauty. Not just tooting my own horn, this means a LOT less time researching these things when I start writing copy for a client.

2. What does their web copy look like?

If you pop on over to a copywriter’s site and don’t like what you see or feel they are talking to someone who is definitely NOT you, keep on truckin’.

3. Can you relate?

Do you feel a connection when you correspond with a prospective CW? Do they seem to understand your problems, issues, and desires? Do you feel like they would be fun and easy to work with? If the answers to the above questions are no, investigate further or move on.

4. Can you afford them?

Maybe you’ve found your dream writer but their bid comes in with a hefty dose of sticker shock. Rather than turning them down flat, ask a few questions and see what you are able to get for your budget. Most CWs are willing to offer a few different options. The bottom line … no matter how much you love their work, if you simply can’t afford them don’t waste your time or theirs.

5. Do you know your budget?

Before even getting in touch with a prospective copywriter, it helps to know how much you can spend on copywriting services. You don’t necessarily need to share this info up front, but having a ballpark in mind will be helpful when the proposal comes in.

6. Do you know exactly what you need written?

Maybe you want 10 product descriptions, a new about page, and an email responder. Or maybe you know that your website is in need of some copy love but have no idea where to start. A copywriter can’t give you a solid bid or timeline for deliverables if they don’t know what you need. But most offer resources or discovery sessions as a way to figure this stuff out if you are in doubt. So, don’t be afraid to ask!

7. Do they have a portfolio?

If you don’t see a portfolio of work on a CWs site, ask them if they have one. Most do but many of us don’t share this publicly. Why not? Some clients like to keep a lid on the fact that they are having someone else write their words and are only comfy with their writer sharing it if they are delivering it to prospective clients (in other words, not the whole world). Ask and you shall receive. If they have no past work to share, use your best judgment. Everyone has to start somewhere but they should be upfront if you are their very first client.

8. Do they know SEO?

Not the most exciting topic but anyone who’s running a biz online knows the importance of SEO. Even if you hire an SEO expert, your writer still needs to know how to incorporate your terms into your copy and should have experience doing so.

9. Do they have a services agreement?

You both need to know how this thing is going to shake down in terms of how items are delivered, setting a timeline and due date, how payment works, etc. If they don’t have you sign an agreement before they get started, ask for one.

Answering these questions should help you find your fit with a writer. Have more questions for me? Keep ‘em coming!

Liz Thompson