Natural Beauty Substitutes

We talk a lot about toxic beauty ingredients to avoid. But do you know what you DO want in your beauty products. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which natural ingredients are best for your skin and how to zero in on them.

For instance, let’s say you use a certain super slippery balm type products (that has been around for thousands of years, literally) for dry skin in the winter. Petroleum jelly is recommended for chapped skin, eczema, and tons of other skin ailments by doctors and skin professionals.

But you know that it can be irritating to skin, seals your pores shut, and contains harmful contaminants, and would rather not use it on your skin. But what on earth else could possibly do the job of this age old ingredient?

Or maybe you absolutely have to have a foaming shampoo but aren’t going near SLS. What do you look for on ingredient listings that tells you it’s SLS-free but will still lather up?

You know how wellness gurus always tout positive thoughts over negative? Well, that’s where we are headed today. Rather than dwell on the nasty stuff that hangs out in mainstream beauty products, let’s find out how to side step those babies and look for the good stuff.

In order to get your beauty shopping on with as little effort as possible, I’ve created a cheat sheet for you that fills you in on the perfect natural ingredient substitutes for those toxins you are looking to avoid. And you can download it right now for FREE! Do you want one?

Yes, please!

Need a refresher on toxic beauty ingredients and why you want to avoid them? No problem! Go ahead and download one of those too…

Download my free Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid list now!

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