Maybe you have an online presence. Maybe you are just getting started. Either way, you need powerful content.

These days, copywriting in the natural beauty world involves more than simply copy and pasting manufacturer product descriptions. FTC compliance, SEO, original content, and sharing full ingredient listings are all super important.

For a look at how getting these things wrong can negatively impact your business, check out my articles on writing for FTC compliance, how Goop got themselves in a jam over poor copywriting, and how fresh product descriptions can grow your biz.

A site full of gorgeous product photos and links to purchase are essential. But natural beauty shoppers want to learn before they buy. Detailed product descriptions and full ingredient listings are a must. Shoppers also like to know your ingredient commitment, how you source your ingredients, how you choose the brands you work with, and a bit about YOU.

So, tell them. Let me help you craft words that sound like you, that connect with your customers, and convey your brand spirit.

Your message isn’t just words. It’s your promise.

This is for you if:

  • You are an online shop or brand owner
  • You need help writing copy
  • You require knowledge on FTC regulations, writing for SEO, and an understanding of natural/organic beauty
  • Your product descriptions are copy/paste style
  • You need to free up some time
  • You would love a deeper connection with your customers and to grow your customer base

This is not for you if:

  • You need help with tech
  • You need a photographer or graphics designer
  • You need a website designer

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