I’m so glad you are ready to hit the sweet spot on your copy!

Whether you are all good with writing your own copy or don’t have the budget for custom content right now, a sweet little copy edit will come in pretty darn handy. 

Do you read your web pages over and over to see if things add up? Are you totally stumped as to why your copy isn’t hooking your readers’ attention and making them come back again and again? 

You need a fresh set of eyes! And who better than someone who writes words for natural beauty brands and shop owners on the regular? 

I’ll take a peek at what you’ve got going on copy wise, make some suggestions, and deliver your guide on ideas to make your words connect, deliver, and SELL!


I’d love to know more about you! Please fill out the information below and I’ll get right back with you to continue the conversation.

Check the Boxes

Next, I’ll send you a questionnaire (hope you love filling those out as much as I do) to get to know your brand better. We’ll also schedule a date to get your audit started and handle the business stuff, like signing the contract and payment.

Let the Audit Begin

I get to work on giving your site a good read and compile the details in a handy guide that will be sent to you.

What You Get

  • An expert set of eyes on your current copy
  • A fun questionnaire to get to the bottom of what you want to say + how you want to say it
  • Professional advice on ways to improve your copy, sent to you in a concise format with clear instructions on making it happen
  • Your very own beautifully crafted Brand Voice Guide
  • An affordable way to give your content a makeover

Did I mention this is all done via email? Yup! But if you would like to have a quick 30 minute chat on the phone at any point in the process, I’m up for that too.