Email Marketing: Holiday Edition

The holidays are here and people are shopping. This is great news for product creators and retailers, and those of you who operate online businesses shouldn’t be afraid to share your wonderful products with the rest of us. And a big part of that sharing is email marketing.

We all want to buy the perfect gifts so those on our lists are pleased when they open their packages. Do you know what people aren’t excited to open during the holiday season? Another sale newsletter. Seriously, how many discount, promo, “Today Only” sale emails have hit your inbox this week? I spent the first twenty minutes of my morning deleting heaps of them.

Here’s the deal with newsletters … they have to give, and I’m not talking coupons and discounts. You should give something to your readers for free every time you send them an email. Healthy lifestyle tips, tricks on using your products, ways to simplify their lives, how to shop natural beauty, a short but sweet downloadable guide on ingredients to avoid or ingredients to use are all things you can give your followers.

Giving in this way is important year-round. It keeps your email out of the dreaded trash folder and creates a connection. So, before you pop that “Sale Ends Tonight!!” graphic in your email editor, take a peek at a few ways you can deliver something special to those who’ve taken the time to sign up for your list.

3 Email Marketing Ideas to Keep You Out of the Trash Bin

1. A Holiday Gift Guide: Sure, it’s been done a billion times. Know why? Because there’s always a new year of holiday gift giving and who wants to use last year’s guide. Create separate lists (one for the girls, one for guys, one for coworkers, one for kids…) and send them out weekly or twice weekly with a teaser to the next list. It’ll keep ‘em coming back.

2. A Sanity List: How about a friendly shopping list of your products to help them keep their sanity through the craziness of the holidays? Thinking aromatherapy, massage oils, face masks, and bath soaks here.

3. New Year’s Detox Guide: Who doesn’t feel the need for some detoxing post holidays? Set up a guide to shopping items to have on hand once the New Year rolls around.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The bottom line here? Give your readers something to, well, READ. Then throw in your discount code or sale items as a cherry on top. Your emails will get opened, your followers will look forward to hearing from you, and your products will sell. Sounds pretty merry and bright, right?

If you don’t have time or would like help brainstorming a holiday email campaign, get in touch. I’d love to help you out!


Liz Thompson