Writing in Diary by Viktor Hanacek at Picjumbo

So over the past few weeks we’ve talked skin type. We’ve talked skin issues and what you like, dislike, and have to have in skincare. We’ve even looked at some real life examples on choosing the right skincare.

Still in a quandary as to what will work best for YOU?

I’ve created this little exercise to walk you through ID’ing your perfect products. Fill in the blanks and you will have a set of personal guidelines to follow when shopping for beauty products.

My skin type is _________________ .

I have ______________ issues with my skin.

I love __________________________in a beauty product, but cannot stand ___________________________.

Therefore, when shopping for nontoxic cosmetics I should be on the lookout for products designed for __________________ skin type, that also help to treat ___________________________ issues and are/aren’t ___________________________.

There you have it. You’ve just figured out which products are perfect for your skin! That wasn’t so difficult, right?

As always, if you have question just ask.

*Image by Viktor Hanacek at picjumbo.com

Liz Thompson