• Headache by stockarch at morguefile

    Hormonal Headaches + What to Do About Them

    I know. Not a very fun subject. Still, this sucky situation happens to lots of women. Every #*&! month. So I feel it deserves some attention. I’ve always been headache-y. But getting a migraine type headache every single month for the past year has gotten a bit old. There’s the week of the headache, then […]


  • BOWLS! Self Help for Meals

    Self Help For Meals

    Today, something for your reading list! Ok, this one is not purely entertainment. Though it does contain some pretty fabulous pics. This book is practically self help in that it is going to change how you look at mealtime. Unless you truly love to cook, and maybe even then, mealtime can become…well…not so much fun. […]