• Hormonal Balance + Weight Loss

    Hormonal Balance + Weight Loss

    I never thought it would happen to me. My entry into womanhood was and has always been pretty smooth, hormone-wise. Until lately. Starting last year things went out of whack. As in a twice monthly period (joy) and, worse still, a monthly migraine. My Mom was sick and passed away, so I chalked it up […]


  • balanced diet

    What is a Balanced Diet, Really?

    Are you confused by the enormous amount of information on balanced diet and healthy eating? I know I am. Health and wellness is a huge area of interest for me, so of course I love reading all about foods and ways to stay balanced. And there is definitely a wealth of info out there on […]


  • October Non GMO + BCA Month

    October :: Non GMO + BCA Month

    Do you follow me on Feelgood Style? If not, you should be? Here’s why… Here on OBS I cover, what I consider, fun stuff. What’s hot in organic beauty, new products and lines, seasonal, motivational…you get the picture. On FGS I get a little more science-y and newsy. It’s a good place to pick up […]