Do You Have Energy Work Burnout?

Do You Have Energy Work Burnout?

Evolution is good. It’s why we are here, after all. But too much of a good thing can be bad. Have you ever experience evolution exhaustion? Growth burnout? Enlightenment fry? You know what it is. When you are meditating like a mad dog, reciting your mantra like your life depends on it, and willing yourself […] Read more…

Living Your Dreams

Dream Living + Loving

Something pretty for your Monday… I had a big ol post planned on time slipping by, and giving back, and living your dreams. But I think this Pinterest board sums it up nicely. Hells to the ya!   Image from here. Read more…

Motivational Monday

Monday Vibe

You always hear about people taking Fridays off. I, personally, find it much more difficult to get going at the beginning of the week than the end. Maybe it is a personal preference sort of things but… Whatd’ya say? How about Mondays off? Ok, most of us can’t just take every single Monday completely off, […] Read more…