balanced diet

What is a Balanced Diet, Really?

Are you confused by the enormous amount of information on balanced diet and healthy eating? I know I am. Health and wellness is a huge area of interest for me, so of course I love reading all about foods and ways to stay balanced. And there is definitely a wealth of info out there on […] Read more…

Headache by stockarch at morguefile

Hormonal Headaches + What to Do About Them

I know. Not a very fun subject. Still, this sucky situation happens to lots of women. Every #*&! month. So I feel it deserves some attention. I’ve always been headache-y. But getting a migraine type headache every single month for the past year has gotten a bit old. There’s the week of the headache, then […] Read more…

Rise App Personal Nutritionist

Your Own Personal Nutritionist (app style)

Want to lose 5 lbs with me? Or maybe figure out how to boost your energy? Maybe you have a special occasion coming up that you want to look extra fabulous for? Let’s do this! Haven’t you always wanted a personal nutritionist to help you out with this kind of stuff? Me too. And I […] Read more…