Self Help For Meals

BOWLS! Self Help for Meals

Today, something for your reading list!

Ok, this one is not purely entertainment. Though it does contain some pretty fabulous pics. This book is practically self help in that it is going to change how you look at mealtime. Unless you truly love to cook, and maybe even then, mealtime can become…well…not so much fun. All of that shopping and fixing, not to mention coming up with new ideas that everyone at the table will like.

BOWLS! is a cookbook written and created by my friend Becky Striepe, whom I work with at Feelgood Style. Becky’s idea is to create a meal, in a bowl, with stuff you have in your kitchen. No extra trips to the supermarket, no long preparation, just a delicious and healthy meal.

BOWLS! shares excellent recipes and ideas to get you started. Use one of Becky’s or create your own. Read my review on Feelgood Style which shares a recipe from the book.

This week we’ve had bowl dinners twice. The first was mashed potatoes (made with almond milk, which is really good btw) topped with sautéed veggies. The second was rice, beans and avocado with enchilada sauce. So dang good, easy, and made to order. If BOWLS! can make even me look forward to dinner time, you’ve gotta take a look.

Perfect gift item for your holiday shopping list.

Monday Vibe

Motivational Monday

You always hear about people taking Fridays off. I, personally, find it much more difficult to get going at the beginning of the week than the end. Maybe it is a personal preference sort of things but… Whatd’ya say? How about Mondays off?

Ok, most of us can’t just take every single Monday completely off, but we can afford 5-30 minutes of pure enjoyment. So here is my deal for you. On Mondays I will post something entertaining, mildly informative, pretty or otherwise purely gratifying. All for you.

Let’s kick things off with some things I’ve been pinning for a while now on my Motivation board. Stuff that makes me want to workout, people who inspire, quotes that clear things right up, and thigs that generally get me revved.

If you find a pin that ties in with this Motivational Monday vibe, pin it and add #motivationalmondayvibe in the description so the rest of us get to see it too.

Happy Monday!