Chemical Free Cosmetics :: Not All Bad

Chemical Free Cosmetics :: Not All Bad

I’ve seen a few articles lately and fielded some questions on the  whole chemical free cosmetics labeling issue. Following is my opinion on the subject. Feel free to love or hate. Some green beauty experts feel labeling a cosmetic as “chemical free” is misleading because all ingredients, natural or synthetic, are chemicals. Oh gosh. This […] Read more…

These are Working for Your Weekend

What You’re Doing This Weekend

Have some free time this weekend? Feel like doing some reading/learning? Boy, do I have stuff you are going to love! Do you love to read as much as I do? If I could figure out how to make a living off of reading or taking online courses…life made. Since I have not yet figured […] Read more…

Shop Talk :: Image Bonanza

Shop Talk :: Image Improvement

So you’ve written up a sweet little post for your blog. It is chock full o’ helpful info and juicy knowledge. You’ve linked to other useful articles, resources, and products. Now all you need to finish this baby up and make it completely irresistible is … the dreaded image. You’ve heard images are supposed to […] Read more…

Shop Talk :: The Most Important Words On Your Site

Shop Talk :: The Most Important Words On Your Site

What are the most important words on any organic beauty store’s site? Any guesses? More important than product descriptions. More than expert notations. Possibly even more than product reviews. Ingredient listings. Like, complete product ingredient listings. The full meal deal. Know why? Because it is the only true way to tell what is in a […] Read more…

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