• List Love :: Autumn Adoration

    List Love :: Autumn Adoration

    Change of seasons always leaves me hankering for new stuff. New beauty stuff, new home stuff, new closet stuff. Here’s what’s on my list for fall… RMS Beauty has come out with…wait for it…nail polish! How exciting is that? And it gets better. Each polish shade matches up to one of their makeup colors. Living Luminizer […]


  • List Love :: Body Serums

    Can. Not. Believe. Summer is already over. That lasted a whole millisecond. Hope yours was fantastic! While summer is my fave season. And I already miss it. I am excited to get back to writing more often. So, away we go. I have been wanting to talk about body serums. Because face serums are so […]


  • Summer Scents

    List Love :: Summer Scents

    Ok, we are not quite there yet. Spring has just barely poked its head through the soggy ground. Still, I’m dreamin’ about everything summer and bet you are too. You may still be sporting your raincoat and wellies. But there is one sure fire way to bring instant summer-i-ness into your sweet little life. With […]