We All Have Issues

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Last week we talked skin types and how knowing yours will help you to purchase the right skincare products for your skin. This week we are taking things one step further. Let’s talk issues.

Whether it is added dryness in winter or an ongoing issue, like rosacea or eczema, it is important to use products formulated to work on your skin’s needs.

This is also where allergies enter the picture. I happen to be allergic to aloe. It is a great ingredient (and widely used in natural skincare) but hives do not look good on me so I avoid anything that contains a lot of aloe. If you are sensitive to certain ingredients, scan labels to see if products include them. Easy enough.

Now name your likes, dislikes, and ideals.

Start with your likes and dislikes. Do you hate using anything even slightly greasy? Maybe you cannot stand the scent of rose. Some like a thick mascara, others like something a little thinner. If you purchase products that you feel you should like, but really cannot stand, you are not going to use them. I speak from personal experience, I’m sure you have been there too.

In this category also fall your ideals — gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free. These will be marked on products or at the manufacturer website.

Now you know your skin type, your skin issues, and your likes and dislikes where skin care is concerned. Taking them into account when shopping will help you to buy the perfect product for your skin. You wouldn’t go grocery shopping without a list, would you?

Have questions? Ask them in the comments. That’s what I’m here for!

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What’s Your Type?

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Skin type that is.

Seems like a simple enough question, right? And you probably think you know the answer. But are you using the best products for your skin?

Here’s the deal…

Many women use the wrong skin care for their skin. Just because a product or line keeps your best friend/sister/favorite movie star looking gorgeous does not mean it will do the same for you. Maybe it will, maybe not. Rather than purchasing the most popular products, look at your own skincare needs. Most skincare creators design products for specific skin types or concerns and say so on the package. The stores I shop also sort by skin type, making it easier to search.

Not sure what your skin type is? Here is a snapshot of each skin type:

Normal/Combination – Normal skin type appears neither overly oily or overly dry, but balanced and supple with minimal breakouts. Normal skin that is oily, or becomes oily throughout the day, in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) is considered Combination skin. For combination skin you may need to use different products on the T-zone than you do on the rest of the face. Remember: even normal skin can become dry, irritated, and broken out.

Dry – Dry skin may appear dry, taut, flaky, dull, or irritated. This skin type usually has few breakouts, but tends to show signs of aging earlier than oilier skin types. Sensitive is often associated with dry skin, as is mature skin type because our skin tends to become more dry as we age.

Oily/Acne – Oily skin appears oily, shiny, and is prone to breakouts, though this skin type usually sees fewer lines and wrinkles. Oily skin is often associated with acne.

Mature – Mature skin is that over 40 which is beginning to show signs of aging – fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and increasing dryness.

Sensitive – Sensitive skin is usually, but not always, thin and fair. Prone to irritation, this skin type is often associated with dry skin but can be oily or normal.

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Organic DIY Facial

DIY Organic Facial

Most of us have a love/hate with facials. Love because, well, they make your skin look and feel so gosh darn gorgeous. Hate because who has time to go get a professional facial? If you do get these little luxuries on a regular basis, I worship you. But if you are like me, you’d rather lie on the couch and catch the finale of Southern Charm if you have a few extra minutes than hop back in the car to drive across town yet another time.

So I decided to create a spa style facial right in my very own bathroom. And with all organic products, of course.

This 3-step facial goes like this: Exfoliate away dry dead skin cells, absorb excess oil and dirt from pores, and give skin a good boost of healthy hydration. The three luscious products I chose for this facial are listed below, and the sweeties behind these brands were nice enough to send them over to me.

For the exfoliation step I went with Vered Botanicals Cacao Vanilla Bean Mask. It is dark brown and smells like something you would want to taste. If you were a chocolate lover. Which I am. So I did. The mask does taste good, but what it does to your skin is even better. I massaged in a small amount with my fingers and a little warm water, then left it to dry for about 10 minutes. My skin felt warm, like the mask was doing something, in a good way.

After rinsing with warm water I moved on to the absorption phase with Wedderspoon Organic Raw Manuka Honey Active 16+. Yes, it is honey, and if you have not heard of the healing and softening properites honey has over skin, take my word for it. My skin was so soft after these first two steps I could easily have stopped there.

But I didn’t. The final phase was the super smoothing Amala Intensive Brightening Mask. This treatment goes on like moisturizer, and feels super soothing and pampering. Once removed, my skin looked plumper and had a serious glow.

Anyone can do this simple facial. If your skin is seriously sensitive you may want to leave each mask on for less time, and always go easy on the exfoliating. I followed these 3 steps up with my favorite moisturizer and a dab of facial oil. Can’t wait to do it all again.

Why It’s Important to Choose Mineral Sunscreen

Mineral Sunscreens

If there is one item I look forward to stocking up on each year, it’s sunscreen. Why? It means warmer weather is almost here!

Choosing the perfect sun protection, on the other hand, can be quite tricky. It has to be effective and safe, of course. I also have to like the look and feel of the product. If it is too greasy or white, not going to use it.

In an effort to find the best sunscreens, I have tried many. Some I pass on to those less selective about their protection, others keep on coming back. No matter your level of pickiness where sunscreen is concerned, make certain you are using broad spectrum protection.

What, exactly, is broad spectrum?

There are two kinds of UV rays that cause damage to skin. UVB rays damage top layers of skin, responsible for sunburn. UVA rays penetrate to deeper skin layers, causing potential long term damage, like wrinkles and skin cancer. Broad spectrum means the product provides protection against both type of rays.

Which sunscreens provide broad spectrum protection?

Mineral sunscreens all the way! This type of sun protection forms a physical barrier on the skin, preventing penetration of UV rays. Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, work by absorbing into the skin. This, of course, allows those nasty UV rays to reach deeper layers.

Another advantage to going with mineral sunscreen, they work instantly. Chemical sunscreens recommend allowing 30 minutes post application to be effective.

Mineral sunscreens made with other natural ingredients are the safest and most effective means of UV protection for the whole family. Yes, mineral sunscreen can be white and greasy. Some of my favorite natural cosmetics brands have worked to solve these issues, and create very wearable and easy to use formulas. Check the following list for my favorite natural mineral sunscreen brands and stock up for spring/summer.

True Natural – This line includes several mineral options, including a convenient Sport Stick and two new formulas. My favorite is the Caribbean Coconut.

Purple Prairie Botanicals – I can’t get enough of the Sun Stick from this line, and love the Sun Stuff Lip Balm.

Suntegrity – Probably the most wearable mineral sunscreen I have tried. Not at all white or greasy, and the Tinted Face Sunscreen is fabulous.

B Leaf Botanics Replenish Review + Giveaway

B Leaf Botanics Replenish Review

You love a great eye cream, right?

One that’s moisturizing but not greasy?

Has some anti-aging benefits?

Works well under makeup?

Perfect for day or night?

Found it! Actually it found me…my friend Ellen, creator of the fabulous B Leaf Botanics and owner of, sent me a bottle to try out. A brand new airless pump bottle, to be exact.

B Leaf Botanics Replenish is its name and pampering the skin around your eyes is its game. It’s light, yet hydrating. Plumps and makes skin supple without being greasy. Even seems to help diminish the severity of these dark circles I’ve been sporting lately. Ellen also recommends applying to lips to soften and smooth.

B Leaf Botanics is a line of skin care solutions made with natural and organic ingredients designed to not only be safe for your skin and body, but to heal the skin. And this eye cream comes in hot off the press new packaging, a brand new airless pump bottle to deliver on safety + quality down to the very last drop.

Would you like to try Replenish? We just happen to be holding a giveaway today over on Facebook. Enter to win yourself an airless pump bottle of this luscious eye cream. Head over to the OBS Facebook page now for the deets on how you can enter to win. Don’t forget to tell your friends!

Product Love :: Blades Natural Beauty

Blades Natural Beauty

Boy do I have a lot of products to review!

Seems like a ton of them came in over the holiday season. Always fun, but I am a bit behind in reviewing them.

Here’s one, though, that I had to get right to. Jessa Blades has been on my radar for a long time now. She’s a makeup artist who seriously knows her stuff about nontoxic products. Walking the talk, you might say.

So, when I found out she now has her own line of skin care, Blades Natural Beauty, I just had to check ’em out.

Packaging: Gorgeous

Products: Wonderful

Informational tidbits that came along with: Super goody, good.

Enough of my fluffy adjectives. Get yourself to Feelgood Style where I wrote all about it.

Now have a lovely Wednesday!