Spa Sonic Pro Facial Brush

Product Love :: Spa Sonic Pro

Seems everyone’s into skin brushes these days. And for good reason. They are great for gently sloughing away dry dead skin cells. What’s so great about sloughing? Think of those dead cells as a barrier between fresh skin and the healthy ingredients you are putting on it. How are your good products supposed to do […] Read more…

Acure Organics Eye Cream

Product Love :: Acure Organics Eye Cream

Being a beauty blogger means lots of products roll through the doorway on a fairly regular basis. Still, there are those items you are loyal to. There are also those you are very choosy about. One of those, at least for me, is eye cream. There are eye oils, eye balms, eye creams, and eye […] Read more…

Double Cleansing How To

How It’s Done :: Double Cleansing

By now you’ve most likely heard the term “double cleansing”. Do you know what it is, why it is beneficial, and how to make it happen in your life? Okey doke. Let’s start with the what. Double cleansing is a method of cleansing the skin using two products – one to remove makeup, debris, and […] Read more…

Best Looking Beauty Products

Real Lookers

Beauty products are supposed to make you look great, right? Well, these will give your bathroom shelf a makeover too. Pretty products are one way to boost your bathroom’s curb appeal. These are my best in beauty for product packaging. Oh, I also love the stuff that comes in them too. Modern Aesthetic Kjaer Weis […] Read more…

SW Basics Now at Target

SW Basics Now at Target

You know how you are always asking me for great organic beauty items on the cheap? Well, SW Basics is one that fits into that category. Super awesome products that don’t cost you a bundle. Even better news…you can now get them at Target. Yay! SW Basics can currently be found on (with free […] Read more…

May Lindstrom Skin

Product Love :: May Lindstrom Skin

Hey! This week has been short and sweet, following our mini fall break. But…I did make time to do some sampling. I can always tell when cooler weather starts to affect my skin. Slight redness and drier skin appear, along with uneven texture. Enter May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt. I’d heard good things about this […] Read more…

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