4 Beauty Tips You Absolutely Have to Know

4 Beauty Tips You Absolutely Have to Know

I’ve always loved beauty products. From playing in my Mom’s makeup, to putting together my own style, to writing about it today…I’m into it. But when you write about eyeshadow colors for the season, and how to use highlighter, and stuff like that day in and day out, you can get in a rut. Like, […] Read more…

List Love SpringBeauty

List Love :: Spring Beauty

Isn’t this a weird time of year? It’s warm, it’s not warm. Our skin is dry, then it breaks out because of the up and down temps. We want to bust out the fun springtime makeup hues, but our face is still stuck in hibernation mode. Know what fixes those end of winter, almost spring […] Read more…

Replaced :: Aquaphor

Replaced :: Aquaphor

Are you so tired of cracked skin on your hands? Or maybe the skin on your face is looking irritated or ruddy? How about eczema? These skin conditions all come with the winter territory. Go to the doctor or dermy and they’ll tell you to pick up a tube of Aquaphor, or some similar petroleum […] Read more…

Product Love :: Beauty Beauties

Product Love :: Beauty Beauties

  Product reviews. Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? Don’t really care about ‘em? I used to love to write product reviews. My passion for beauty products and writing all swirled into one happy place? Dream come true! Lately I’ve been spending more time writing on organic beauty business ideas and strategies, and the real how-tos and […] Read more…

Spa Sonic Pro Facial Brush

Product Love :: Spa Sonic Pro

Seems everyone’s into skin brushes these days. And for good reason. They are great for gently sloughing away dry dead skin cells. What’s so great about sloughing? Think of those dead cells as a barrier between fresh skin and the healthy ingredients you are putting on it. How are your good products supposed to do […] Read more…

Acure Organics Eye Cream

Product Love :: Acure Organics Eye Cream

Being a beauty blogger means lots of products roll through the doorway on a fairly regular basis. Still, there are those items you are loyal to. There are also those you are very choosy about. One of those, at least for me, is eye cream. There are eye oils, eye balms, eye creams, and eye […] Read more…

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