Can’t Afford to Hire a Copywriter? 3 Copywriting Tips You Need Now

Times are lean for many small business owners and copywriting may seem like one of the first items to get scratched from the services you’ve hired to help make your business a success. Now that you’ve dropped your CW, what do you do now?

The main way to get your message, services, and products in front of the right people (you know, the people who align with your brand and will love your stuff!) is through your words. Copywriters are good at crafting content that sounds like you and your brand and delivering the perfect message to those looking for your items.

If you are currently going it alone on the copy trail or have one of your employees taking on the task, you may be left wondering…where do I begin? There are a few copy tricks that pretty much anyone can do that will keep things cooking along until you have professional help on your side once again.

3 Copywriting Tips to Use When You are Your Own Copywriter

3 Copywriting Tips to Use When You are Your Own Copywriter

1. Reuse, reuse, reuse. This is one trick I always share with my clients. Whether I write them a blog post, email newsletter, or web page, it should definitely do more than one job. If it only gets used once and sits in that same spot, it’s a big fat waste of good copy and their money. Take chunks of a blog post and reuse it as an email. Grab a paragraph from your about page or product page and use it as an Instagram caption. I know what you are thinking. Google hates duplicate content, right? And yes, this is something we try to avoid. But your brand message is something that you will tell your tribe over and over again. Truly, I believe wasting good copy is more sinful than reusing it.

2. Keep it short. If you find yourself writing your own email newsletter, as an example, the best advice I can give you is to keep it short and sweet. Maybe you love to write or feel you have a lot to say. Put it all down in one document and parcel it out in bite-sized chunks. I’m talking 200 words max at one time. Not only will this give you more weeks of content, but a lengthy email is a trash file magnet.

3. Speak TO not ABOUT. It’s always a good idea to be relatable to your audience and sharing is part of that strategy. But your content should always speak to your audience. Steer clear of writing long and winding emails and blog posts that tell all about what you are thinking, feeling, doing, creating, planning, etc. But isn’t this all about your brand? Yes! And you can still talk alllll about alllll of those things but framed in a different way. Take a look at the examples below.

Speaking about you: We are working on a hand cleanser made with natural ingredients that clean hands in an instant and comes in a travel-ready bottle for easy on-the-go cleansing.

Speaking about your customer: Created especially for you, a brand new hand cleanser made with natural ingredients that instantly clean your skin in a convenient bottle you can take on the go.

The main diff? The first example makes you think of the product. The second example makes you envision yourself using the product in your lifestyle. Exact same number of words, totally different feel. And which one makes you WANT the product?

Super simple, these three tricks are a great place to start when you are suddenly in charge of your own copywriting. And check out my DIY Copy page for more FREE ideas.

Need help coming up with a couple of lines for an email or an evergreen post for your blog that keeps on giving? Hit me up!

Liz Thompson