Reconstructed :: Haley Bennett’s Bronze Eye

Haley Bennett Bronze Eye

Love the look on actress Haley Bennett in the September issue of InStyle magazine. Namely, the eyes. Bronze-y shadow that keeps summer glow going in a totally fall way. The artist who did the look actually used RMS Buriti Bronzer to achieve the look. Always love to see an organic beauty favorite used mainstream. Yay!

Another good one to try here would be RMS Cream Eyeshadow in Solar. More of a gold than bronze, this cream would impart an all rich look. Apply to lower lash line and sockets of eyes.

Finish the look with a swipe of brown pencil. Brown eyeliner pencil happens to be the makeup product I would choose if I could only have one. AT the very least, a close runner up to lipgloss. I rarely leave home without a touch of it. My favorite is Benecos Natural Eyeliner and have several in different spots for easy access.

There you go. Add mascara if roll like that. Your fall eye look. Go try it out.

Shop Talk :: Trust + Transparency

Organic Beauty Shopping Trust + Transparency

Often when I am talking with someone about a beauty products they are using I’ll hear And it’s natural! Ugh, some of my least favorite words.


Because so very often it really is not that natural. Maybe not natural at all. We’ve talked about natural being a less than definitive term. No true definition, super ambiguous, sorta ripe for the greenwashing.

Women want good health. They want to buy healthy products for themselves, their daughters, the rest of their family. But it’s like this – remember the fat free foods phase? Everyone was eating anything marked Fat Free and believing it was good for them, even if it was a cookie or cracker? Ya, that.

Cosmetics are the same deal. If someone slaps all natural on the front of the product, well people are going to think it’s good for them. Lots of people. No questions asked.

Since not everyone wants to memorize or carry around a handy dandy list of ingredients you don’t want to see in your cosmetics, there has to be another way to get healthy products in the hands of consumers. And there is. It’s called trust.

Trustworthy, transparent brands and shops can do this. They can get their truly healthy products in womens’ bathroom cupboards and on top of their vanities. If you have a heavy duty no toxins allowed commitment , let everyone know about it. Put it on your About Us page. Announce it on Twitter (maybe even daily). Instagram it. Slap it underneath your logo. Something along these lines:

We only sell nontoxic products!

We believe in toxin free!

No greenwashers allowed!

Here’s what we put in our products! (linked to a list of healthy natural ingredients)

Here’s what we don’t put in our products! (linked to a list of harmful cosmetics ingredients, use mine if you want it)

Whatever your stalwart stance on safe cosmetics, scream it from the roof top. Tell your followers and encourage them to tell theirs.

And be sure to tell me so I can scream about them too.

Making It Work For You

How to Make Organic Beauty work for YOU

These past several Fridays we’ve covered the ins and outs, ups and downs, goods and bads of beauty, and going natch. You know how to find out what your skin wants and needs, how and where to shop for it, and what to do when you wanna fall off the green beauty wagon.

Now I want to talk one more little thing. Actually it’s not so little. More, simple. And that is how to make all of this work for Y-O-U. That’s right, we are all individuals with different skin, likes, time, and bank accounts. Our beauty routine should reflect that. Yet another area not to try and keep up with the Joneses.

Your level of commitment to nontoxic cosmetics is as personal as the products you choose to use. If you simply cannot find a nontoxic product that you love to replace one of your existing products, keep using what works. Stay on the lookout for healthier options. Don’t worry about it.

Compare it to diet. Is every single food that you consume regularly healthy? Probably not. I maintain a pretty healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and veg, whole grains, and plenty of water. I also happen to have a pretty big sweet tooth and coffee habit. I have tried replacing sweets with fruits and coffee with tea. No good. At least not for me. I eat less and am happier when I can have some of the real thing. Remember: Happiness keeps you healthy too.

If you choose a cosmetic product that is safe yet does not deliver the results you are looking for, you will not be happy with it. Do what works for YOU.

As always, if you have questions, ask away. I’m here for ya!

*Image by Stachoo at, cc

Shop Talk :: Rekindling Your Passion

Blogger Biz Rekindling Your Passion

I’m the first to say that this is my dream job. Maybe not my dream salary (yet) but definitely love setting my own hours, working from home (often in my pjs or workout clothes), and getting to know other kindred spirits. And, not lastly, writing.

I’ve always loved to write and adore that it is the crux of my daily work. Still, sometimes it can be difficult to ignite that fire that got you blogging in the first place. Most of us started out in this biz because we felt passionate about something and wanted to share that interest with others.

So what happens when you just aren’t feeling it?

Here’s my go to fire igniter: READ.

That’s right, read other people’s stuff. Blogs, magazines, books, newspapers. Read what you like, written by people you like. Read stuff in your niche and on subjects completely different from what you write. Read controversial and subversive writings. Read sweet and fluffy pieces. Just get started reading somewhere and you will be surprised how inspired you become. Betcha you’ll be jumping up to jot down hot ideas before you’re even finished.

If you are having trouble getting anything fresh in print, or just can’t seem to get yourself to sit down at the computer, maybe you need to take a day (or even an hour) and read. It’ll getcha going. Promise.

*Image by Christopher at, cc

Secret Stash :: Vered Organic Botanicals

Vered Organic Botanicals

Whilst poking around my samples basket for a good exfoliant (do you have post summer bumpiness too?) I kinda hit the jackpot.

See, a while back, when I put together a diy spa style facial, Vered Back of Vered Organic Botanicals sent me a Cacao Vanilla Beauty Mask that I ended up including in the facial. Yum! What I didn’t remember were the oils she sent along with it. Since I have a hardcore crush on oils, it was like Christmas in my bathroom when I discovered this forgotten stash.

I’ve been using Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment and Anti-Aging Face Treatment Oil for about 5 days now, and am in love. I love an oil eye treatment. No pulling on delicate eye skin, just gently pat on the oil. And it leaves skin feeling so super soft and pampered.

As for the face oil. Oh my goodness, this stuff rocks. Not only does my skin adore it, but the scent! All warm and soft and spicy. Every time I catch a whiff of my face (which is often, since that’s where my nose is) I can’t believe how delicious I smell.

Even though we have our staple skincare products, I firmly believe it keeps skin happiest when we switch things up from time to time. And these are most likely new staples.

Blimey! It’s a Scotch Naturals Giveaway

Velvet Kilt Giveaway

Know what I’ve been wanting lately? New nail polish. Every time I look in my polish drawer all I see are fruity hues, standard reds, or wintery greys. Love them, but I’m wanting something fresh for fall.

And so are you, whether you know it or not. Know how I know? Cuz Scotch Naturals has a whole beautiferous array of Celt-inspo shades that any gal (or guy, hey) would be more than thrilled to sport.

One could be all yours for free! Scotch Naturals is giving one super fortunate OBS reader a bottle of Velvet Kilt –a deep, rich, luxurious purple creme.

Do the following two things to be entered in the contest:

1. Like Scotch Naturals on Instagram + Facebook
2. Comment on my Instagram post for the Scotch Naturals giveaway #scotchnaturalsgiveaway

Scotch Naturals is committed to creating nontoxic products. These polishes are 3 free and contain no ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, or heavy metals. Keep your CLEAN manicure pristine for the entire school year with a special back-to-school promotion from Scotch Naturals. Purchase the Soy Polish Remover at 50% off ($6) and receive 25% off all Detox Packages ($33.75). Take advantage of the Back to School, Back to You deal today. And do as I do and byop to your next salon mani/pedi. Wish you luck!

**Congratulations to @gsgisi who will receive a bottle of Scotch Naturals Velvet Kilt. Yay! Thanks to all who participated in our giveaway!!**

Product Love :: Bubble + Bee Pit Putty Cream

Bubble + Bee Pit Putty Cream

My basket of organic beauty samples runneth over. Seems I’ve gotten a little behind in the product review department over summer. Let’s see what we can do about that.

Today I bring you a review from a not new brand or product, but new design. Pit Putty by Bubble and Bee has long been one of my favorite natural deodorants. Probably the first natch deod that I actually liked, way back in the day. The only drawback that I could see was it came in a stick. Now, as far as deodorants go, stick is a good thing. But this stick required a bit of maintenance, as in you still had to rub it in with your fingers.

If we have to use our fingers let’s just go with a cream, I say. And B+B must’ve said the same thing cuz they went and took their awesome Pit Putty cream style.

Pit Putty Cream Spearmint + Tea Tree

Is … an all natural deodorant cream

Smells … like Wrigley’s Spearmint gum. Subtle + fresh. I also like Geranium Lime. Comes in 6 scents

Feels … smooth as a baby’s bottom. This stuff glides on and is non-irritating

Behaves … like a natural deod rock star. I love Pit Putty for a reason. Keeps me fresh all day, most days

You’ll love it if … you like to use natural deodorant and stay smelling fresh, sans the nasty chemicals

Not so much if … you don’t like using your fingers to spread on deodorant

You should also know … that I love the Body Buttas by this brand too. Espesh the Coconut + Lime

Also comes in a cute little trial size. I’d get this if I were you.

Obsession :: Flower Crowns

Flower Crown

Flower crowns. Yes, like the ones you made as a little girl. Only lots better!

Big, beautiful, colorful headbands made from real flowers. That’s what the two lovely ladies of Crown Bloom Co. are slinging. So hey, if you happen to be in the LA area then lucky you. Go check these gorgeous creations out in person. If not, then you will have to settle for stalking them at @CrownBloomCo , like me.

So obsessed with these beauteous adornments. I mean really. I’d start up my own cart if I a) knew more about flowers, and b) had their mad skills. Would so love to surprise my daughter with a flower crown making sesh at her next B-day party.

‘Til I get that figured out, let’s drool over these.

Dealing with Cheats

Wagon via Pinterest

Talking ‘bout beauty cheats…

As with diet, beauty cheats are bound to happen. Like that holiday candy, those cupcakes at your child’s birthday party, your favorite dessert at your favorite restaurant? Yep, beauty items too will pop up that you simply have to have. A new delicious smelling body wash that your best friend gifted you or fabulously silky hair product your stylist used, toxic products are going to crop up in your life.

You will want to try them.

And, really, what is life without a little indulgence here and there? Yes, cheats are part of life. Best to accept it now and not beat yourself up for it.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind to keep cheats in check:

Make it worth it! If you are going to eat a naughty dessert it had better be good, right? Why waste calories and fat on a stale cookie when you can have the decadent tiramisu? So, if you opt for a synthetic-loaded beauty product it had better be doing something amazing for your skin or hair.

Another important tip to keep in mind is exposure. The amount of time a product spends on the skin determines how much of the product gets absorbed into your system. A cleanser or shampoo that is rinsed off right away will allow less time to soak into skin than a moisturizer, body lotion, or sunscreen. So if you must use a product made with nasty ingredients, one that does not spend a lot of time on the skin is a safer choice than one that does.

Most often the impulse to use a product that is less than safe is fleeting. The idea of letting toxic chemicals sit on my skin, scalp or hair isn’t ok with me. Like eating a nutritious diet, using safe products and good health wins out in the end.

Need help getting started with your organic beauty routine, or just looking for a revamp? Start with learning how to ID safe products. And remember, I’m here if you need me!


*Image via Pinterest