Addressing Spring Skin Problems

Spring weather is finally starting to make an appearance. Winter is the season for skin concerns, right? It may not seem like lovely breezes, fresh air, and mellow sunshine could possibly bring along spring skin problems … so why are my skin and lips so parched and rough?

You too?? Just when skin starts to get the hang of freezing temps and cold winds, spring shows up and throws things off balance. This dry skin dilemma has less to do with the weather, and more to do with the products you are using.

Your skincare regimen changes in the winter, as it should. Richer oils, moisturizing creams, and skin balms all make the scene and help you get your complexion through those chilly months in one piece.

So what about the change to nicer weather causes this skin upheaval?

Most of us probably tend to slack off on exfoliation and moisturizing treatments once nicer weather arrives. Also, you are likely spending more time outdoors, and spring breezes and sunshine can sap skin. Plus, spring is notorious for random weather. One day it’s 75 and beautiful, the next it’s dark and snowing. Dust and pollen also increase in spring, and outdoor time means skin comes into contact with more pollution. All tough on skin.

So what’s a spring lovin’ gal or guy to do? Read on for healthy spring skincare tips that’ll have you tip-toeing through the tulips, healthy glow intact.

5 Steps to Dealing With Spring Skin Problems

1. Switch up your exfoliation game: Yes, it’s important to exfoliate year-round. But did you know there are a variety of ways to get this job done effectively and it all depends on what your skin needs at the moment. If your skin is feeling sand papery and taut, your exfoliator needs to have a bit of moisture. My go to right now is Amala Hydrating Face Polish.

2. Keep on keepin’ on with the moisturizer: If you’ve been using facial oil, moisturizer, and balm during winter months, don’t put any of them away just yet. Sure, higher temps and a touch more humidity make skin that’s in flux feel like it needs less oil. A great way to make sure your complexion still gets its healthy oil infusion is to layer those rich products on before you go to bed. This way you can avoid any daytime greasiness and still get in on the hydrating goodness.

3. Treat with care: No mindless skincare treatments. When it comes time to add in the extras, like masks, special serums, and nighttime treatments, choose with care. Hone in on what your skin is lacking and deliver in a targeted solution. If it needs softening, use a mask made with honey. Need smoothing? A treatment made with fruit extracts, like True Botanicals Antioxidant Booster does wonders. Just add a pinch to your favorite serum. Want a supercharged hit of moisture? In Fiore Fleur Vibrante Healing Floral Essence Face Balm Concentre can’t be beat for slathering on at bedtime.

4. Protect like it’s summer: It can be tempting to sit in the sun without sun protection. We have been waiting months, after all. You can still get sunburn, dark spots, and skin damage even in the spring. If you have been skipping the daily facial sunscreen this winter, now’s the time to start. A cool new product I’ve been using is Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer for non-whitening protection that is also offers hydration.

5. Don’t forget your lips: Has anyone else been experiencing super dry lips lately? Lip sunscreen helps to prevent dryness and skin damage when outdoors. As for healing that poor pucker, Vapour Organic Beauty Luxe Lip Balm is the most awesome.

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Liz Thompson