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I'm Liz, creative copywriter and green beauty expert.

I started out as an organic beauty researcher and blogger over a decade ago and got noticed for my writing by a large natural beauty brand (who also happens to be one of my favorites to this day). The rest is history. I’ve been crafting words for natural and organic beauty blogs, brands, and online shops ever since.

Loads of experience with both natural cosmetics and writing, a true love for healthy beauty, and knowledge on the ins and outs of copywriting for the natural beauty industry (FTC regulations? Got’cha covered!) means I keep my clients happy while doing what I feel good about. And I get to do it all in my home office, with a tall glass of iced coffee, and the two most loyal and adorable pups you’ve ever seen by my side.

I know not everyone has a love of writing and years of research on organic and natural beauty under their belt. The good news? I happen to have both!

Is it lack of time to spend on writing that brought you here today? Not quite sure what to say to your audience, if your copy is SEO and FTC compliant? Or maybe you have a serious dislike of writing in general.

Let’s put together a beautiful copy plan for your important work. It’ll get you noticed, highlight your authenticity and professionalism, and further the cause you are working so hard to uphold.

My Core Values

Word Magic

The trick of writing on brand copy is sharing your words in your brand voice. I can work magic on your content.

Customer Magnet

Give your customers all the juicy details and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Green Beauty Love

Natural + organic beauty is my passion, so writing about ingredients, processes, and regulations is right in my wheelhouse.

Time Maker

That’s right! Letting me write your copy gives you one of the greatest gifts of all … more time to do the things YOU are passionate about!

What I Believe

It’s all about letting others do what they do best, so you can do what you do best. And, above all, you are in the natural beauty business to make a difference.

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No recycled jargon. No reposted news. Let’s get you some hot off the press, super fresh, just-for-you content.

How Can I help you?

For Brands + Retailers

Everything from site pages to product descriptions, done for you!

DIY Copy Help

Tips to simplify, streamline, rev up, and keep things clean with your content.

For Bloggers

Commission a post or two for your blog, or let me pitch you some ideas.