Hi, I’m Liz. Glad you are here! I know not everyone has a love of writing or years of research on organic and natural beauty under their belt. Good news … I happen to have both!

I started out as an organic beauty researcher and blogger over a decade ago and got noticed for my writing by a large natural beauty brand (who also happens to be one of my favorites to this day). The rest is history. I’ve been crafting words for natural and organic beauty brands and site owners (or natural beauty professionals, as I like to call them) ever since.

Loads of experience with both natural cosmetics and writing, a true love for healthy beauty, and knowledge on the ins and outs of copywriting (FTC regulations? Got’cha covered!) means I keep my clients happy while doing what I feel good about.

Let’s put together a beautiful copy plan for your important work. It’ll get you noticed, highlight your authenticity and professionalism, and further the cause you are working so hard to uphold.