Dark Circle Fix

Hey, how was your spring break? Or are you on it now?

Well, I must say mine was a much needed dose of sun, humidity, warmth, and relaxation. My fave stuff. I’m still dreaming of palm trees and sand from the Midwest.

But anyway, back to reality.

You know how your beauty issues change? Season to season, time of life, when you are under stress… All of these and more can goof up how you look and feel.

One issue I’ve been dealing with this past year or so is dark under eye circles. While I’ve used under eye concealer for years, I haven’t had a problem with truly dark circles until recently. Whether it is age (skin does thin as we become older), my diet, stress….who knows. What I do know is, those puppies are very hard to cover up.

Then I read this article.

Aside from her love/hate with exercise (which I, and most of you, can very much relate to) I am in love with her theory on dark under eye circles. French women can even chic up raccoon eyes? I mean, c’mon!

For now I am choosing to go with it, and haven’t broken out my beloved concealer since returning from paradise. Albeit, I am sporting a pretty sweet glow, so once that wears off I may not be so confident about flaunting my big ol’ circles in public. We shall see.

Do you have dark circles? Are you cool with them? Or do you work hard to cover them?

*Image by Cross Duck at Flickr.com

Liz Thompson