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InStyle Best Beauty Buys Part III

Reconstructed :: InStyle Best Beauty Buys Part III

Hellooooo again, sweet organic beauties! Can you believe it is almost summer? I’m so ready. But first, we have to finish up the greening of the InStyle Best Beauty Buys guide. I’m doing this in chunks because it is kind of a massive undertaking. Plus, it makes it easier for you to find what you […] Read more…

Reconstructed :: InStyle Best Beauty Buys Part II

Reconstructed :: InStyle Best Beauty Buys Part II

So last week we went over this year’s 20th annual InStyle Best Beauty Buys issue, and gave the face and cheeks section a healthy makeover. Do you use any products from that list? Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? Want to try? This week we are taking a look at the Eyes and Lips pages of the […] Read more…

InStyle Best Beauty Buys Green Makeover

Reconstructed :: InStyle Best Beauty Buys Part I

InStyle magazine used to be my bible. I’d absorb the pages, letting them dictate my next fashion purchase or beauty look. Swoon over the stars in their dazzling dresses at the best parties. Bookmark stuff I wanted to go back to, rip out pages to take shopping or show my hair stylist, then wait for […] Read more…

The Personal Care Products Safety Act

On Track :: The Personal Care Products Safety Act

You know how cosmetic and personal care regulation in the US is, well, practically nonexistent? That may be changing soon. Legislation is in the works to up FDA control over cosmetic ingredients. To a small extent, anyway. But hey, this could be a step in the right direction. Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Susan Collins […] Read more…

Shop Talk :: Suffering from Blog Neglect?

Shop Talk :: Suffering From Blog Neglect?

How many of you organic beauty shop owners have a blog? How many post regularly? Seldom? Haven’t removed the “Coming Soon” placeholder? Yep, I see it all the time. A beautifully laid out organic beauty shop, filled to the brim with the best products, images that make you drool, and great editor tips. Then I […] Read more…

Spring Colors Organic Makeup

Seasonal Inspo :: Spring Colors

The transition from winter to spring can feel like crawling out of a cave. You want to cast aside all of that black and grey, and do something to lighten and brighten your look. Let’s take a poll – how many of you have bobbed your hair or cut bangs at the first whiff of […] Read more…

Why Organic Beauty Shoppers Love Samples (and Shop Owners Should Too)

Shop Talk :: Why Organic Beauty Shoppers Love Samples (and Shop Owners Should Too)

Shop Talk is a new series I’m starting here on OBS. It’s geared toward the organic beauty professional – shop owners, larger web sites, brand creators… But anyone is welcome to join in the conversation. We’ll be covering things like what consumers love/hate in organic beauty, ways to connect with your audience, how to make […] Read more…

Summer Scents

List Love :: Summer Scents

Ok, we are not quite there yet. Spring has just barely poked its head through the soggy ground. Still, I’m dreamin’ about everything summer and bet you are too. You may still be sporting your raincoat and wellies. But there is one sure fire way to bring instant summer-i-ness into your sweet little life. With […] Read more…

Grand Unveiling Organic Beauty Source

The Grand Unveiling

  Welcome to the new and improved OBS! I’ve given Organic Beauty Source a pretty little makeover and love the results! How about you? My blog posts (well most, I’m still working on adding them all) are here, laid out in easier to search categories. You’ll find my Ingredients to Avoid and Brands I Love […] Read more…

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